Monthly Archives: February 2016

Why a Writing Class?

When was the last time you used algebra?

The answer for most people is high school math class.

But when was the last time you had to write something?  An email?  A cover letter?  A report for your boss?  A letter to your child’s teacher?

Writing is a skill we use for our entire lives, and it’s one that often gives someone their first impression of us.  It’s something many people dread doing, for fear they can’t do it well.  It’s something many people weren’t taught well, didn’t practice enough, or didn’t receive enough feedback and direct instruction to improve.

Excellent writing requires excellent instruction, consistent practice, and feedback and guidance from a master teacher who can help students improve.  Large classes and extremely busy classroom schedules don’t always allow for this.

Maybe you already recognize this problem and have tried to find a good writing class for your elementary or middle school student.  Maybe you haven’t found one that is conveniently located, or maybe the classes don’t fit with your already busy schedule.

That’s where Write With Holly’s Online Writing Classes can help.  Students receive high-definition video instruction from the convenience of their home computer, tablet, or smart phone.  Classes are self-paced and can be viewed any time, according to YOUR schedule.  The accompanying PDF book contains all materials, reviews important points covered in the videos, and provides detailed instruction for homework assignments. Students watch the videos, review the PDF materials, then turn in homework assignments via email for editing, feedback, and instruction directly from Holly.  Questions about the assignments?  Holly is always just an email away.

Ready to enroll?  

For a limited time, the Online Expository Writing Class is on sale for $49.  Online payment is easy via PayPal or credit card.  Email Holly at to receive an online invoice.   Once payment is complete, you will receive a 25-page PDF booklet that contains all materials, links to videos, and instructions.  It’s super easy and it’s convenient!