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Online Writing Coach Now Available

Does your student make these common writing mistakes?

subject-verb agreement:  “One of my friends are going to come over today.”

I see this in student writing all the time.  The correct way to write this is “One of my friends IS going to come over today.”  One is the subject of the sentence, and it’s singular, so the verb must also be singular.

run-on sentence:  “My dog likes to eat, my cat likes to nap.”

This is a mistake I continue to see in high school students as well as younger students.  In order to correct a run-on, students must join those two complete sentences with a semi colon:

“My dog likes to eat; my cat likes to nap.”

Alternatively, they can use a comma and a conjunction such as and or but:

“My dog likes to eat, but my cat likes to nap.”

These kinds of mistakes not only hurt your student’s grades, but they also reflect poorly on college entrance essays, cover letters for jobs, and business correspondence later in life.  The earlier students can learn to recognize and correct these errors, the more natural it becomes, so they can be good life-long writers.

As a writing coach, I work with students of all ages to correct common mistakes and improve overall writing skills and performance.  I don’t just edit student work; I work one-on-one with the student to discuss problem areas and how to fix them.  I find that discussion and working together creates much more effective learning than simply doing the editing for the student.

I now offer on-on-one writing coaching online.  I work with students via Facetime, Skype, or over the phone, going over their papers and discussing/correcting errors.

For more information about one-on-one writing coaching for your student, contact Holly at (usually the best way to reach me without playing phone tag) or 951-302-0540.