How I Discovered an Outstanding Writing Program for Children

Do you ever feel like writing is the hardest subject to teach?  Do your students balk at writing assignments, complain that they don’t know what to write, or just copy from a book or article? I address these issues and more in my online writing classes for kids.

Writing is one of the most difficult subjects to teach, and many parents and even teachers feel like it is too subjective, with no simple formula to follow.  Kids often hate it because it’s overwhelming, and they don’t feel confident.  One of the primary goals of my online writing courses is to improve student confidence so they can begin to write more independently.

How I Discovered an Outstanding Writing Program for Children

I first discovered Andrew Pudewa and the Institute for Excellence in Writing when I was home schooling my own daughters.  Andrew was a keynote speaker at a conference sponsored by River Springs Charter School.  Although I was a teacher, a tutor, and an experienced home school mom, I had not yet found a writing program that simplified the writing process for students.  Other subjects were so much more objective, and there were step-by-step approaches to teaching them.  Skills were taught in a logical sequence, and each skill built on the previous ones.

Writing, on the other hand, seemed so subjective.  And overwhelming.  I worked with many tutoring students who hated to write, and I struggled to find a way to make it easier and more enjoyable for those reluctant writers.  After attending my first IEW writing workshop with Andrew Pudewa, I was hooked!  Finally, there was a step-by-step process to teach the structure of writing, with new stylistic techniques added bit by bit, so as not to feel overwhelming.

I had the pleasure of attending several of Andrew’s writing workshops in person, and then I purchased his DVD set, which teaches teachers how to use the IEW method.  It felt a little overwhelming at first, but I started using it with my daughters, as well as a few of my tutoring students.  I had students who “hated” writing and had no confidence in where to start or how to continue, and with the help of the program, they suddenly felt more confident.  Suddenly writing “wasn’t that hard,” and eventually they no longer hated it.  As a tutor, that was real success!

My Homeschool Writing Program

After using the IEW writing program for children with my one-on-one students for awhile, I decided to begin offering a homeschool writing program with small group writing classes for elementary and middle school students. The small-group classes allowed students to interact with each other, be inspired by each other’s ideas, and learn from each other’s mistakes.  At the beginning of the first class, I always asked, “How many students like to write?  How many hate to write?”  There were always at least a couple who admitted they hated it.  By the end of the first day of class, almost every student would admit that writing class wasn’t as bad as they thought it was going to be, and, some even admitted it was fun.  I recently had the mom of a new student tell me that her son came home after the first day of class and said, “Finally I think I found a teacher who can teach me how to write!”

I have had such wonderful success with hundreds of students who have taken my writing workshops for kids, and there is no better feeling as a teacher.

Online Writing Classes Now Available

I still teach my in-person IEW writing courses for children in my home classroom in Temecula and at the Murrieta Home School Campus.  In order to reach more students who may not be local, I also began offering my writing classes for kids online.  I still provide editing and feedback, which are crucial elements for success in IEW or any other writing program, but I do it all by email, and kids take the online writing classes in the comfort of home, at their own pace, on their own schedule.  The kids love it, the parents love it, and, best of all, more kids are becoming excellent writers!

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