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Brand New, Updated IEW Writing Classes

Online Classes, On YOUR Schedule

I am very excited to announce that I am working on updating my IEW Online Writing Classes.  About six years ago I decided to begin offering my popular IEW Writing Classes online, so that students who live too far away to take my in-person classes could benefit from this great program, right from the comfort of their own homes.  I’ve gotten so much great feedback from students and parents who appreciate being able to take my classes at their own pace at whatever time of day or night suits their schedule.

Better Video Quality, New Teaching Format

But technology has moved forward, and those videos are looking a little dated.  I decided it was time to update to higher quality videos, and focus on teaching directly to my online audience, instead of using videos of me teaching my in-person classes.  I personally like the new format much better, and I think my students will too.

Updated Class Materials Too

I am also updating some of the materials, based on ten years of teaching these classes.  Some material will the same, but some will be newly created sources that seem to be a better fit for my students.  I’ve tested the new material in my in-person classes, and I’m now including it in my revised online classes as well.  I think the pacing of these new classes is better, giving students a little more time to learn and practice new skills before moving forward.

Personalized Teacher Feedback

The thing that students and parents love most about my online writing classes is that they aren’t just videos.  They include my personal editing and feedback on all student papers, just like my in-person classes.  Students watch my videos and send their written papers to me, and I send them back with comments and corrections, to help them consistently improve their writing skills.

Preview of New Online Writing Class Format

I created a six-minute preview of the new online format so you can get an idea how my online classes look and feel.  I hope you’ll take a few minutes to check it out, and I hope to see some new students in my online writing classes this fall!

Check out my preview here: