All About Holly


  • Multiple Subject Teaching Credential
  • Master’s Degree in Instructional Leadership
  • Accredited IEW Instructor
  • 30 years of teaching experience

Holly is passionate about teaching students to write.  Writing is one skill students need for life, and it’s often the first impression someone gets of you, whether from a cover letter, an email, or a college essay. Good writing takes practice AND guidance, and Holly’s classes provide both.


Holly Dodson holds a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and Master’s Degree in Instructional Leadership. She taught public school for seven years and has been doing private tutoring in grades K-12 for more than twenty years.

Holly attended numerous workshops taught by Andrew Pudewa and completed his Teaching Writing: Structure and Style training. She is an accredited IEW instructor, and has used his formula for teaching reluctant writers with students of all ages. Holly also attended several Nancy Fetzer Writing Institute trainings for Common Core Reading and Writing and incorporates common core standards in her some of her classes.

Holly began teaching small group writing classes in 2008.  Even reluctant writers found Holly’s teaching style approachable and fun, and many young writers transformed from “I hate writing” to “Can I take another writing class with Holly?”

In order to make her writing classes available to more students, not just local ones, Holly expanded her writing classes to include an online option.

Holly is an approved vendor for River Springs Charter School, Harbor Springs Charter School, Sage Oak Charter School,  Excel Charter School, Julian Charter School, Sky Mountain Charter School, Inspire Charter School, Granite Mountain Charter School, Carrillo Point Academy, and Mission Vista Academy.

For more information or to enroll your student, call Holly at 951-302-0540 or email at